We love to make little stops on our way to and from P’s family cabin in Windermere, BC. It is the most beautiful drive and we always see so much wildlife!

Denim Overalls and black Keds Sneakers
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These cute denim overalls are by Paige Denim and I get so many compliments on them. They are so comfy and make me feel like a playful kid! My Ked sneakers have been with me a few summers now…I just can’t let them go. OK, well if I do it will only be when I buy the exact same ones (I’m actually guilty of doing this more than once). Speaking of, I also have this tank from Aritzia in three different colours!denim overalls (13 of 15)

Denim Overalls and Black Sneakers

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Another relaxing weekend in the books. As much as I love the city, the mountains are the perfect escape to recharge for the week ahead!

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