Every once in a while I find the time to get lost scrolling through hundreds of inspiring Pinterest posts. Recently, I came across several posts on pastel coloured pumpkins – so pretty I had to have them! So off I went to Michaels  in search of craft pumpkins and spray paint.Various Colored Spray Paint by KrylonI found these gorgeous spray paint colours from Krylon. Of course, Marley picked out the bronze for a little glam. The larger white craft pumpkins we found were an off white and the smaller pumpkins and squash were various oranges and greens.Various coloured craft pumpkins I have zero, and I mean zero, experience with spray paint but found this process relatively simple. Make sure to wipe the pumpkins clean with soapy water before starting. Then, spray a light even coat and let dry. I ended up doing 3 coats in total, but you will need to let the tops dry and then flip them over to do the bottoms. The green and orange pumpkins took a bit longer to cover up so it ended up taking me a few day to really finish. Craft Pumpkins from MichaelsI also found these wooden buckets at Michaels and wanted to give them a whitewash look. Don’t forget to tape up the metal part of the handle to avoid painting that portion. I actually sprayed the buckets 3 times, but the material is much more absorbent than the pumpkins so I got that whitewash look no problem.Craft Pumpkins from Michaels The hardest part of this project was the patience, but I am absolutely loving the finished pretty pastel!Spray Painted Craft PumpkinsSpray Painted Craft Pumpkins Spray Painted Craft PumpkinsSpray Painted Craft PumpkinsSpray Painted Craft Pumpkins Spray Painted Craft Pumpkins

xo Teagan