Milaina RobinsonThis past week, Marley and I had the pleasure of sitting down with 17 year old Milaina Robinson, AKA Zara, who stars in the hit TV tween’s show – THE NEXT STEP. The Calgary Native has been dancing since the age of 4 and last summer landed a role on the highly anticipated season 5 “mokumentary”, which showcases the lives of young dancers at the Next Step Studio.

When I told Marley she would be able to put together a list of questions to ask Milaina, she didn’t miss a beat – pen to paper and the questions were flowing. The Next Step is like mega, MEGA, in Marley’s world.

Since Milaina is from Calgary, it was especially exciting for Marley to meet with her. Milaina was the sweetest girl, truly a great role model for young girls everywhere, and even as an adult I found her very inspiring! A big thank you to Milaina for taking the time to meet with us!

You can catch the Next Step on Family channel, Friday’s at 4:30pm et/pt, with an encore at 7pm et/pt.

Milaina, along with the other cast members of The Next Step, is also set to perform at The Big Ticket Summer Concert this Aug. 27th in Toronto.Milaina RobinsonNow let’s get to the interview with Marley & Milaina:

Marley: What do you feel like when you dance?

Milaina: It just feels so natural. If I’m
not dancing, then I’m constantly thinking of dancing!

Marley: What would you do if you weren’t a dancer?

Milaina: I would choose to be in the entertainment business  – but if that wasn’t an option I think I would be a lawyer.

Marley: When you are tired, how do you get motivated?

Milaina: Going on set doesn’t really feel like work, we are all dancers so that in itself is motivating! As far as motivation for a dance class, the best way is to get a friend to hold you accountable.

Marley: What are some of the struggles with dancing & acting and how have you overcome them?

Milaina: You can’t compare yourself to others – for instance, on the Next Step, we are all such difference dancers, from hip hop to ballet – we all offer something different and valuable. You may get 1000 “No’s” before you get a “Yes” – so never give up!

Marley: Do you ever want to stop, why and what keeps you going?

Milaina: I’ve never wanted to stop dancing or performing, there have been weeks where I want to take a break though. What keeps me going is knowing that I can’t live without dancing, I need to dance, it doesn’t feel like an option for me!

Marley: What is your favourite memory?

Milaina: On the Next Step – the first day the cast of season 5 met! We did some fun “get to know each other” games and acting games, then went for a big dinner. It was great because we really all just gelled right away.

Marley: Where are some of the places you travel with dance?

Milaina: I travel kind of everywhere – Greece, Toronto, USA.

Marley: Do you ever get nervous on stage and what do you do to overcome it?

Milaina: I never used to get nervous, but more recently I have been. I’m learning how to deal with that. I always just try to breath, and maybe put my earbuds in and listen to music, ignore whats going on around me.

Marley: What’s it like to work on a TV show?

Milaina: Surreal, awesome, cool. Like nothing you can imagine. Our show is so unique because we are all dancers already, so it feels much more natural for us. It is different than competing on stage because you don’t have a crowd cheering you on, so with a tv show you do need to work at being more animated. The fellow cast members are great and we really feed off each other’s energy.

Marley: Did you always know you wanted to be a dancer?

Milaina: ALWAYS – I started dancing at 1.5 years (with diapers still on!) and competing at 4 years old.

Marley: What advice would you give other kids to follow their dreams?

Milaina: Always go for it. Just go for it and don’t hold back, you’re awesome – what you have to offer is all that really matters!Marley and Milaina Robinson