Blend and Boost Customized Skin Care SystemAs most of you know, I’m getting married this year, which means I’ve decided to really focus in on my skin. So, when I was contacted by the reps at Blend and Boost  to attend an informational session at Calgary Aesthetic Medicine, with Dr. Kowalewski, I was super excited!

Nothing is as beautiful as a fresh, glowing face, and my goal is to be THAT bride this summer. As someone who has constantly struggled with my skin, I would like to say that I have tried almost everything under the sun. I was up for the Blend and Boost challenge.

Let me tell you how it works. First off, Blend and Boost recognizes that everyone’s skin is different. This is the idea behind the whole line – to customize a treatment for your specific skin concerns. Genius! This means that you get a one on one consult with your physician (in this case Dr. Kowalewski) to discuss your skin concerns. From there, he or she will make suggestions as to which blend would work best.Blend and Boost Skin Care System

The Blend and Boost skin care system is comprised of 5 different BASE creams and 13 different BOOSTERS. For instance, my skin concerns this winter included dryness, the never ending battle with blemishes (ugh) and fine lines. So we chose a hydrating base to address my dry skin and two boosters to take care of those blemishes and wrinkles (buh-bye). The point is to address ALL of your skin concerns with only ONE product. Again…genius! You can even use your blend as your eye cream! After our initial consult, I received my custom blend at my door with a recap of the ingredients we had chosen.Blend and Boost Skin Care System

I’ve been using the cream for 4 weeks now and have to say I’m loving the results! My skin feels fresh, brighter and hydrated. One important point to mention is that you STILL must include a sunscreen into your daily regime as that is NOT included in the Blend and Boost cream. Also, the skin care line is free of all parabens, fragrance and gluten – all of the ingredients I am happy to leave off of my skin.

I’m super excited about this line and will keep you updated as I continue to use!Blend and Boost Skin Care System