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I thought this would be a great post first thing in the New Year. What better way to start a fresh year than with fresh skin?!Beauty Counter Product Review

When a friend asked me to review the Beauty Counter products, I had to do some research. I knew very little about this company but was intrigued from what I quickly found with my trusty google skills.

What interested me right away about Beauty Counter  is it’s extensive list of “banned products”. Did you know, the European Union has banned over 1,300 harmful chemicals from personal care products marketed? In Canada, we have only banned approximately 500 harmful chemicals and what I found even more shocking is that the United States has only partially banned 80. That’s a huge gap.  These are products we put on ourselves and our children…every day!

Beauty Counter currently maintains a “never list” made up of over 1,500 harmful chemicals which are banned from any of their products. This sounds great…but do these products actually work? As a frequent shopper at our local Organic Food Market, I generally choose the healthiest option when available. I will admit though, when it comes to make up and skin care, I haven’t been overly impressed with my options. I agreed to give these products a try and will say I fell in love with them!Beauty Counter Products

Here’s a summary of the products I tried:

Charcoal Cleansing Bar – this bar looks so simple…and it is! Charcoal is great for me since I tend to me on the oiler side and the charcoal actually draws out dirt and bacteria from your pores. You can read more about the benefits of charcoal in your beauty routine here.

Nourishing Cream Exfoliator – I loved using this at night to help slough off dead skin cells, I like that extra little scrub and this was gentle enough to use daily.

Purifying Charcoal Mask – love love love this. It’s like I could FEEL the dirt & oil being pulled from my pores. Afterwards, my pores looked smaller and my skin appeared less oily.

Nourishing Day Cream & Night Cream – again, no complaints here. Both formulas where perfect for my combination skin. The smell and texture were wonderful!

Balancing Face Oil – So I was a little nervous on adding this one into my routine. With already oily skin I assumed this would definitely be a recipe for disaster. I chose to use this at night before I put on the Nourishing Night Cream. Every morning, my skin looked so awesome – not oily at all. Again, the smell…so yummy.

Nourishing Eye Cream – OK this ended up being one of my fav products. I have recently noticed the skin around my eyes is super dry, but I don’t want to use a product that is too thick and goopy since I find my under eye concealer can then look cakey on top. The Beauty Counter Eye Cream was the perfect texture and melted right into the delicate skin around my eyes. Yay!

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation – I was super skeptical on this one…I have been using the same foundation for over 5 years now…it’s tough to get me to switch. This foundation was fantastic! The tint was perfect for me (I used Linen color), and the coverage was buildable which I liked, it blended really well.

Tinted Lip Gloss – not sticky but long lasting and didn’t have a nasty taste like some others on the market, would definitely wear this every day.

Nourishing Rose Water Mist – I always spritz a freshening mist on my face once I have completed my morning makeup routine – and this mist smelled ahhhmazing and made me look so fresh! I literally felt like I was feeding my skin “healthy stuff” and it felt good to be using these products! If you are interested in learning more about these products you can contact my friend Nada here.

xo Teagan