The Meal TreeAsk me how excited I was to get home from a week in Mexico – OK wait really not that excited. Let’s try this again, ask me how thrilled I was to get home from a week away and find 3 days worth of meals delivered to my door for my family from Calgary’s The Meal Tree?? Ahhhhmazing!

So what is The Meal Tree you ask? Well, it’s a busy mom’s dream come true. I’ve been looking for a convenient and affordable meal service forever. There are days that I just can’t make it to the grocery store and panic when it’s time to feed the family. Enter…The Meal Tree. This local meal service focuses on healthy, fresh and delicious recipes – delivered right to your door (say whaaaat)! Using local seasonal ingredients, the rotating menu is sure to keep your (and your family’s) tastebuds happy. Our favourite’s included the Cranberry Walnut Salad, the Stuffed Chicken and Coconut Butter Chicken. You can even set up a recurring order (hello one less thing to think about in a week) – so get some time back into your life with The Meal Tree!

The Meal Tree